Football Saves Lives

We believe Football CAN SAVE LIVES!

The Football Saves Lives Campaign was launched in 2019 by HRH The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William. Set out to support communities most in need and enhance the skills of young people toward serving others and the environment.

The campaign utilises the power of the football including players, football clubs, fans and federations to help raise awareness of global and local challenges affecting communities. The campaign raises the necessary funds to support communities with meaningful resources, develop programs to support young people and react with the necessary support in times of humanitarian crisis.

The campaign engages hard-to-reach and vulnerable young people in at-risk communities. We recognise that grievances arising from a high rate of youth unemployment, discrimination, and the inability to build a career can create a cognitive opening for social harms.

As part of the Football Saves Lives campaign to support the needs and development of young people across the globe we create Peace Centres.

In support of our pillars Tackling Inequalities, Championing Education and Supporting Well-Being as well as the UN Global Goals, our Peace Centres are co-branded with high profile players and football clubs and are dedicated to supporting and enhancing the skills of young people, providing an opportunity to participate in organised sport, provide education for their personal development and up skill young people to actively contribute to their local community through actions of good deeds, positively affecting local challenges.

The Peace Centres deliver weekly sessions all year-round, uniquely combining football training, educational life skills workshops, and community engagement activities led by young people.

As part of the Football Saves Lives Campaign we launched a Peace Centre in partnership with World Cup winner Mesut Özil in Bradford, UK. The Peace Centre is focussed on tackling inequalities and providing positive pathways for underrepresented young people in Bradford. Following its success FfP is growing the initiative globally.

The Football Saves Lives campaign aims to create 10 Peace Centres in 10 cities by 2026 and impact 100,000 young people and communities most in need.

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