Rehydrate the Earth

We believe football can tackle the world pressing issue of water scarcity

Rehydrating the earth campaign needs your support in raising funds and awareness to help overcome drought, poverty, conflict and disease by returning water to lands as nature intended to ensure survival during the long dry months ultimately saving lives.

Join the football community and youth getting involved to increase resilience to areas and communities at risk of drought, fires, and flash flooding, as well as provide long term water and food security, whilst restoring ecosystems that support wildlife.

The UN predicts over 50 MILLION PEOPLE will be forced to leave their homes by 2025 because their LAND HAS TURNED INTO A DESERT. The UK environmental ministry has announced that England will RUN OUT OF WATER in just 20 years if drastic and innovative measures are not taken.

Why Water

Water is undoubtedly the most important resource on earth. All life on earth depends on it for survival, yet less than 3% of the world’s water is fresh and usable, only about 0.3% of that can be found in accessible surface water of rivers, lakes and ponds. Wells across the globe are drying up, new methods of building resilience in fragile locations, restoring and rehydrating land is much needed.

Unlocking The Power of Football to rehydrate

Football has the power to raise awareness, resources, and inspire communities to unite as one team to tackle the greatest problem facing humanity, our world’s water crisis! 

We want to help fix the world’s problems at the source, and water is the source of all life.

The solution – Rehydrate the Earth.

Re-hydrating the Earth is a global water campaign driven by H20 FC.

We believe that restoring water back to the earth and recharging groundwater, is the only viable long term solution to resolving our world’s water issues which can then be stored to provide an ongoing water source for agricultural purposes and domestic use. 

Through rehydrating the earth, we will be raising awareness, activating communities, and creating water retention landscapes projects in the most fragile locations globally all through the power of football. Ground water is an essential water source and makes up around 30% of the world’s available freshwater. We depend on groundwater and as result, are equally dependent on the health of our water cycle for these underground reservoirs to be continually recharged. However, around the world we are rapidly exhausting our vital groundwater resources at an alarming rate. This is taking place on every continent globally, and we are seeing wells run dry, groundwater diminishing, and ecosystems collapsing as lands turn to desert.

Facts and Stats:

  • Water scarcity causes food insecurity, famine, flooding, poor health and sanitation, poverty, ecosystem collapse, forced migration and contributes to the vulnerability of human trafficking.  
  • 1 million people* die each year due to dirty water
  • Malnutrition contributes to 3.1 million deaths of children under 5 each year, food insecurity due to a lack of water is a major contributor.
  • 12 million hectares of land is lost each year to drought and desertification.
  • By 2030, an estimated 700 million people will be at risk of being displaced by drought.

Why is Rehydrate different:

Unlike most global efforts that focus on implementing water wells in order to utilise the current water level that is in the ground, instead our focus is on increasing and sustaining that water level even through hard hitting droughts.

We find that although water wells can provide immediate relief to people in need, they do not address the root cause of the water shortage and desertification, which is why we see water wells run dry.

This is why our focus is on recharging and restoring groundwater, as well as providing a restored and productive ecosystem that continually circulates water through that system, feeding water into the water table and continually replenishing groundwater. Through these methods we can begin to heal the local water cycle, provide a sustainable and resilient water source, and even replenish dry rivers and wells that have gone dry.

Call to Action

Rehydrating the Earth is a call to action to the football world with the message, that together we can unite as one team and all contribute to an issue that impacts everyone of us, and that’s our world’s water crisis.

Only when water is secure and reliable, can other problems successfully be addressed, finally leading to peace, prosperity, and play.

Click here to learn more about H2O FC: A global team united for one cause, tackling the world’s water crisis. 

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